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We love running events here in store! You can keep up to date by checking out calendar or heading over to our Facebook page for tall the latest info! 

Chaos Impact Sneak Peek

Be among the very first to check out Chaos Impact at our Yu Gi Oh Sneak Peek here at Dice & Decks! 

Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th October

We will be running TWO Sneak Peek events over the weekend; one on Saturday which will be run in a constructed Swiss tournament style, and one on Sunday, which will be a casual open duel format. 

Each Sneak Peek is priced at £15 and will be full of awesome prizes and exclusive items available only at Sneak Peeks! 

What is a Sneak Peek?

Sneak Peeks are pre-release events that provide the opportunity to preview an upcoming set at an Official Tournament Store (OTS). Sneak Peeks are primarily non-competitive events that require minimal staffing on behalf of the OTS and a high standard of sportsmanship from the players.

Only Konami OTS' are permitted to host a Sneak Peek. 

Sneak Peeks are run as casual events, meaning the level of rules enforcement is light to moderate. The primary goal of Sneak Peeks is to encourage all participants to have an enjoyable experience while introducing them to the newest Booster set release.

RPG Room Rental

Rent our private gaming room out for your next RPG session, big board game night, wargame or whatever else you may want to play uninterrupted.

For just £15 you can have access for an afternoon or evening of gaming in our closed off room. The room has space to sit 10 players on the 12ft x 4ft table plus there is a 43 inch screen TV with computer access for any maps, stats etc that you may want to display. This can also be used for thematic music too.

Sessions run from 12pm thru 5:30pm and 6pm thru 11pm Weekdays, 10am thru 6pm Saturdays and 11am thru 5pm Sundays.

You can either book out your slot here or come and pay in store if the room is free.

As always we have hot and cold drinks plus snacks available.

 What more reason do you need to come and play in store??

1 Day Steamroller

Saturday October 26th -  it's time for another Steamroller!

75 point Steamroller - 1 or 2 list event (no D&C requirement)

16 player (4 Round) Event

Round Timing: 60 minute Deathclock

Sign in from 09:30 and round 1 clocks start at 10am sharp, so please aim to arrive for 09:45 at the latest!

The event should finish around 19:00. 

If need, the steamroller packet can be downloaded from here -

The train station is only a few minutes’ walk from the store and the station car park is less than £5 all day if in before 9:30 (which you should be) so we suggest using there. 

We look forward to seeing you there, and may the best player win!