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All Rolled Up The Dark Brood: The Cthulhu Hack RPG

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What's The Cthulhu Hack? It's a standalone game of investigation horror, pitting ordinary people against the sanity-shattering horrors of Lovecraftian gods and monsters. It's a fast and simple system, with just two mechanics - Saves and Resources - that handle your ability to escape threats and to manage your dwindling faculties for investigation and sanity. Why Choose The Cthulhu Hack? Role-playing offers a lot of games set against a backdrop of Lovecraft's mythos; The Cthulhu Hack focuses on simple, accessible rules and mechanics designed to emulate the slow spiral of self-destruction that dominates Lovecraft's original tales. Campaigns becomes about the over-arching threat against the whole of humankind, rather than the insignificant lives of just a few investigators. What's in the Core Book? Revised and expanded since the original 2016 release, the 52-page core book offers: simple mechanics to handle threats and investigation, using a standard set of seven polyhedral dice (from 1D4 to 1D20) read-to-play archetypes for quick pick-up play or a fast and flexible character creation system to tailor Investigators to your specific needs a range of tweaks to the core mechanics, both standard and optional, to tailor the game to your style - including Wealth, Fortune, Adrenalin and Shock a shambling horde of Mythos horrors - including Mi-Go, Deep Ones, Shoggoth and more - to challenge your Investigators a complete and updated adventure - Save Innsmouth - as well as a 2-page example of play Want More? If you want to learn more about the game itself, check out an example of adventure conversion of The Haunting and the rough-and-ready conversion guide for other popular Mythos games on the Just Crunch Games website [external link, use the Search to find a ton of articles], or give the game a test run with the Quickstart Nocturnal Rites. After that, you can create new horrors using the tools in From Unformed Realms, delve into creating your own investigations using the ENnie nominated The Haunter of the Dark, disturb the spawning sack of the cult of Shub-niggurath in The Dark Brood, or dive right into a bunch of ready-to-run investigations in the award-winning Three Faces of the Wendigo and Thro' Centuries Fixed. Join the Google+ The Cthulhu Hack Community group to field questions, post your session reports, and provide feedback on this and other releases. Reviews from Other Sites Paul Maclean - "The Cthulhu Hack… at The Breakfast Club we love it!" (Cthulhu Breakfast Club /, at AireCon 4) Steven Robert - "If you want at least a little bit of butt-kicking, or if you like tossing dice, The Cthulhu Hack is the clear choice." (RPGGeek) Eric Dodd - "I welcome the appearance of The Cthulhu Hack to the crowded Lovecraftian RPG mantlepiece. If you liked the simplicity of Cthulhu Dark but felt you needed a few more tools and levers to build a game around, without having to track 40 or 50 skills or detailed weapon statistics, then The Cthulhu Hack might be just what you’re looking for." (RPGGeek) Mike Hill - "The bottom line is that I will actually play this game. I download a lot of projects that never make it off the hard drive." (The World According to CARP) Simon Burley - "The Cthulhu Hack hit my doorstep today and it's bloody good!" (author of superheroes classic Golden Heroes)


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